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 A 1st generation self taught farming family with 30 yrs in the landscaping / Farming industry in Easton,CT we found that when you have a passion for something, it just seems to come more naturally. So when the USDA allowed farmers to grow hemp we jumped in. As with our vegetable farm, we source the best seeds. Flavor, flavor, and more flavor. People buy our vegetables because there the best tasting they ever had.

So we applied the same theory to growing hemp.

We start the seeds, grow the plants, harvest the crop, process and take part in the manufacturing so you know exactly where the product comes from. No middle man so we can pass the savings down to you.


We source superior genetics with a history of high CBD/CBG levels along with flavor, terpenes and minor canabinoid profiles (such as CBC) to give us the best flowers possible.

As anybody knows, when you have the best ingredients, you can make the best products.


We do all our own in house processing, all done by hand. From hanging to dry, bucking and trimming (which saves all those important terpense and flavinoids). We only use the flowers for our oil and is shows in the high quality it produces. Others may grind up the whole plant with machines, quick dry and store very large quantities which results in low quality oil.

We believe in small batch high quality artisanal plants than large volume low quality production.


Our oil is a FULL SPECTRUM oil using an ethanol extraction method. This allows us to keep all the benefits of the plants trace canabinoids intact unlike isolate oil that removes everything but the CBD. We end up with a oil that has everything the plant has to offer, CBD/CBG/CBC and all other minor canabinoids while still maintaining <.3% THCthe legal limit.



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